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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

P T phone home

only a few more days until christmas day, but in my world, it's been christmas for quite a few days now. with the winter concerts and holiday music, in its glorious cheesiness, the somewhat brighter smiles i see around here, the college now-freshmen coming back to visit, almost-here break...there's really nothing to kill my spirits. i've spoken to people who have helped me tremendously in giving me suggestions of how to increase my productivity and finding mistakes in my perspective of some things, as a result i have erased AIM from my computer.
if you love me, call me. [it takes so much more effort, ever realize that?]

if there was one thing i received this holiday season that was obvious but so unexpected, it would be the sibelius violin concerto sheet music. i've been wanting it for the longest time; i fell in love with the piece the moment i heard it. i put it as number one on my top-three-items wishlist, but i removed it from my profile after i realized the best choice was getting it myself. it was sheet music, for heaven's sake, violin SHEET MUSIC. no ordinary person would get it for me.

hence the extraordinary people in my life. when i received a gift bag from a close friend from college on the night of the winter concert, the last thing i expected was this. i doubt you have any idea why i am so elated over sheet music, a piece i wanted for christmas, and explicitly stated so on my public profile. i can't quite explain it myself either, but receiving this as a gift from this particular someone, whom i respected greatly as a person, but mostly in his love for music, meant more than a lot of things in my life as of now. going out and getting it for myself would provide a sort of comfort to me - that i now owned one of the items on my wishlist. but it was the person i got the gift from, that made me want to sit down with a violin and those sheets of paper, and never get up until i squeezed every note out, packed to the brim with all the passion and expression that sibelius and myself wanted and desired. it was sort of an encouragement, i suppose. i can't really make this sound amazingly profound; this is not something many people can relate to. but music for me is my life, and this sort of gift-giving is like giving me a renewed spirit for my love of violin. it makes me want to play that much better, as a dedication of sorts to the friend/brother who presented this to me as a christmas gift.

this blog didn't make much sense, i'm tired and weary after the concert. but there's this bubbling happiness in me since i received the music. this is one christmas gift i can and will never forget, the gift of love, the gift of love through music.


  • At December 24, 2004 at 8:26 PM, Blogger liljujubean said…

    amazing... truly truly amazing.

    i miss you thoroughly.

    i am more than elated that you are happy. and a love... such a passion for music... it's truly beautiful. absolutely undescribeably beautiful.

    may your holidays be filled with joy and blessings.

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