"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Friday, December 17, 2004

Long December

My oh my, one year of blogging has gone by, 115 or so posts behind us like white stripes on the highway. How quickly the road changes, and even the clouds are left behind. The destination is covered by a different set, though one equal in its mystery and ambiguity. One's surroundings are never permanent on a serious journey, and the only sources of familiarity are the other cars going the same way, and the people in the car with you.

Today reminded me of last year. I had no car, and consequently I stayed in for lunch and was driven home by Allison. College will be a strange experience for me, but naturally I hope it will be a good, though perhaps not necessarily a safe one. Alcohol is not something I've had much experience with, and it is not something I look forward to having many experiences with either. New friends will not be made and then lost in the next morning's hangover. I should not look so far ahead so soon; I have plenty to worry about now. The coming break, though I believe it is shortened in comparison to last year's will regardless be a welcome respite from school. I will likely have a lit log to do during it, but I will have an abundance of time. I am somewhat dismayed that it is not even officially winter yet, and that there are three more cold months ahead. Like all things, I must take them and whatever they have in store as they come.


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