"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Sunday, November 28, 2004

chain of events

got yelled by the mother by what i think is finally a decent reason.

i got up from bed, sat in bed for a good half hour, staring at the porcelain owl on my bookshelf. it had the oddest eyes, i realized this morning. they were this deep, deep green, but when i blinked and looked again, it seemed a dull black. but then it would turn to this dark turquoise shade... and i swear there was no change in reflection upon anything in my room. maybe it's my mind.

i went downstairs, groggy but decently awake, and rummaged around the fridge and shelves. i finally decided on orange juice. i took the Tropicana with Extra Vitamin C (it's good for colds) and set it down on the table. i took a nearby glass, and set it down next to it. i was trying to see if the glass was exactly half the size of the height of the orange juice container, and found that it was about 2/5. a bit disappointed, but i didn't really care that much. i think. i began to tilt the container over, and watched the orange juice flow from the opening. it came in uneven intervals, sometimes a bit more came through the opening because of the ebb and flow of the contents within. it wasn't until i covered 2/3 of the dinner table with orange liquid, and the container was empty, although my glass was quite full, did i realize, "Oh dear." it was a sticky mess to clean up. and i got yelled at for a good reason. i think my mother was half amused. but why would she be? maybe it's my mind.

trudging back upstairs, now smelling stickily sweet of oranges, i stepped into the shower. i came back out in thirty seconds, realized i was fully clothed and now semi-drenched, and went back in. i just sat on the bottom of the tub, and let the water wash over me. it was an odd feeling, having hot water run over you, letting it soak through your clothes. my sister finds me this time, and kindly points out that i 1. forgot to lock the door, 2. forgot to slide close the shower doors and 3. forgot to take off my socks. she said socks.

all this parallels my life. constant change of the owl's eyes when there is no outside force acting upon emotions. the spilling of workload. forgetting to take off my clothes when showering...priceless.

maybe it's my mind.


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