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Saturday, October 09, 2004

hour hand

individuals are fully capable of earning distinguished awards, of doing good deeds that they believe themselves capable of, or genius of, whichever; pat yourself on the back, you helped that old lady cross the street, you are a good samaritan!

but it's pathetic, that this is high school, pathway to college, pathway to adulthood, that we as individuals are still ignorant of our influence over a random passerby.

a snicker never hurt, especially when the receiving end has his head buried in a book; and seems totally unaware of your presence. he sees the blurry shape of the words. a giggle never killed, she's too busy on the phone, smiling and laughing away. the depressed mother needs her daily cheer-up. point and laugh, the boy with shoes 3-sizes-too-big has his sneakers slapping the ground with every step, but he's trying to be funny; he's aware and smiling. the clearance section finally had Nikes. a smile and chuckle with your friend would pass unnoticed; the girl with the kmart tag on her shirt has got her headphones on. the batteries died years ago.

with every second ticking by, hour hand still moves, if you watch ever so closely.


  • At October 14, 2004 at 10:28 PM, Blogger Chack said…

    "but it's pathetic [...] that we as individuals are still ignorant of our influence over a random passerby."

    speak for yourself


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