"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Monday, October 04, 2004

no rain

For some reason, as of late, I've been catching myself in good moods. And pointing it out just makes me happier. There is very little that has changed in two weeks. I am amazed at people who blog every day. I wish that I knew more people whose lives were filled every day with events worth sharing with the whole world, or that my own life could be filled with but a fraction of the adventure and excitement these daily bloggers must live in.

October 4, 2004
I painted my wall today. It's drying at a constant rate, as determined both by the amount of paint I put on the wall, and the chemical properties of the paint itself. The paint is white, and combined with the ample lighting I have provided for this particular room, my bedroom, it is especially bright, much brighter than, for example, my closet. I am hoping that the fumes produced as a result of the wet paint that I recently applied to my walls will not be intolerably strong. In that scenario, I would be forced to spend the night on my couch, which, due to its location in a room separate from the bedroom where I applied the paint, would be free from any unpleasant odors created by the aforementioned paint. I must go now because the urine that has accumulated in my bladder is in need of release via my somewhat narrow urethra, but I will make every attempt to be back on as soon as I have taken care of that need by disposing of the urine in my toilet. Wait, wait never mind.

I can barely contain my envy.


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