"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Sunday, September 12, 2004

places for breathing

so it begins. i have stopped caring. i have stopped freaking out over assignments. i have stopped briging things home when i'm supposed to. i have, however, begun to leave everything until the last possible minute. i have also begun running on three hours of sleep, and drinking chai in the mornings to wake up. i have started losing important things, and my dresser is returning to it's normal state of 'file cabinet.' even though i have a file cabinet.

school is back.

in an attempt to upgrade me 'from emo to awesome,' grace has my computer chock full of her cds. muchly appreciated, since i love all of it. the magnetic fields = godlike. one bad thing, tho. my computer has so much shit on it now, it's slow as all hell. so, i don't know what to do. i listen to all of the songs, and chose the ones that i love the least [which is very tough], and delete them. crappy.

my eyes burn. i don't think that's healthy at all. i'm almost out of visine, which can't be a good thing. it feels like i've been crying for days. which i haven't. because i've been having awesome days lately. aside from today in which: my christmas lights broke, i awoke against my will at 8.45, i got yelled at a few times, i realized that i left my paycheck at work, i have to write a depressing paper about a guy i don't like too much, i could'nt go out because of said paper, and i feel like i wasted my weekend. that and i keep throwing up. faaaantastic.

pierce my lebret - 1.if i use a hoop, it can go over my lip. 2.i can shoot people with liquid out of the hole when i feel so inclined. 3.i like it.
don't pierce my lebret - 1.i'm a wuss 2.swelling 3. infection

i wish i had an evil twin,


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