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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The End, Boys of Summer, California Dreaming, Empty Cans.

Scientists, after many years of rigorous testing, have recently discovered that high school students in their senior year suffer from extreme levels of nostalgia which increase as the year continues. Such students are often quoted as saying such things as "Oh my god, this is our last first day." These students are advised to start stamp collections or something. Debbie Skywalker, Luke's lesser known sister, actually suffered from this same condition of increased nostalgia, and she was actually killed in her X-Wing during the explosion that destroyed the Death Star, as she floated around it thinking what a great old battle station it had been. Unlike her, Luke moved onto bigger and better battle stations. A handy tool for parents and teachers to have during what can be a difficult year is a crowbar. These lifesavers can be used to pry students from anything they may suddenly develop feelings for during the year. A tip to buyers; Dutch Guard sells excellent Titanium Crowbars for 40 dollars, a superb deal considering the high quality of the product. Due to their titanium composition, Dutch Guard crowbars are 40% lighter than steel, but 15 times stronger than aluminum. This crowbar is also non-magnetized and will never rust or degrade in any way. To purchase this fine product, check out Dutch Guard's convenient and easy to use website at


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