"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Monday, November 22, 2004


the last time i did this things were different. the last time i did this things things were exactly the same. the last time i did this i was different. sometimes i fight vader in the swamp and when i cut his head off and see who is under the mask i am not suprised at all. sometimes he cuts my head off. he always does in fact. if it was snowing and we were on the beach and we were happy i would make a movie about it. if they made a movie like that i would watch it. they make whatever movies they want to watch though. i remember when i was a guitarist and i played my fans' favorite songs and they cheered and i was smiling. once when i was on a bus i was next to a pretty girl and i wanted to talk to her and i never did. it was a strange day i think in february and i was bleeding. we went to see art in the city with the wind blowing and the waves crashing against the pier. it was a cold day and there was a ukulele but nobody knew how to play and everybody tried to play but i liked it anyway and so i bought one of my own. i want to buy a better one. i dislike the winter; it's awfully cold. of course it is cold, but there are other reasons, like the sun not being out and my soul sagging. sometimes i listen to sad music too much and i turn pathetic. somtimes i turn pathetic and i listen to sad music too much. i listen to sad music too much, so i'm pathetic. i'm pathetic, so i listen to sad music too much.


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