"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Saturday, June 26, 2004

A few questions from a troubled Chicas:

Why is everyone going to Germany? As of right now, four people I know are either there, or planning to go. I don't get it. Are they giving away free song pants or something? Even so, they'd have to be top-quality song pants to attract so many. Harumph.

Don't you love it when you stop thinking about college for ten minutes, and then a college sends you an application? Yeah. Me too.

Why must I look like someone? "You look like Daria." "Hey... are you supposed to be that girl from the Donnas?" "Wow. You look like you're from the 60s." "Holy shit! It's Winnie Cooper!" False. I look like none of them. So shut up.

Why does my brain always get mushy around 6:00 on Saturdays?

Would it helped if I stopped thinking?

I just noticed that the inside of my pants say "you are beautiful." That made me feel special for a little. Then I realized that my pants had to be looking at me to say that, and that their placement on my body would give them an itneresting view. They now reside in the laundry chute.

Why can't I be philisophical like everyone here?


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