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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Creation is separation. Mr. Adams says a lot of interesting things, but that was one of my favorites. Creation is is the process of making something new by setting it apart from the things around it. It goes with conservation of matter. But that's implying that there were already "things" there to begin with. What created those? God separated light from dark, but where did they come from? Is the answer even important? Why are we so interested in the origin of things? The answer would have little impact on our lives. We would continue to live just as we do. It hardly matters what came before. Perhaps that's why humans have never figured out why exactly they are here. It's not important. We are here, and we should focus on what to do with that.

Mr. Jones, though he is a good man, is not the best history teacher I have ever had. He has his moments, and he has the right idea. But he is too idealistic in his methods. I'm sure that if he sticks around he'll get better. However, his philosophy class was among the best classes I have ever taken. It was his first year teaching, and we were his first philosophy class. He had never taught, and I had never before seriously considered some of the questions he asked. I left that class almost every morning thinking deep thoughts. This year I experience the same thing in Mr. Adams' class, another one of my favorites, and for that I am glad.

Philosophy remains among my favorites despite my having been one of only two sophomores in the class, the other having been Tai, who I consider an arrogant asshole. And not like Charles, who knows he's arrogant and seems, for some reason, like less of a snob because of it, or Marc, who despite his being an asshole is still a good man. He's a douschebag. It pains me that I must spend a year with him in AP English. I guess I just have to put up with it. Such is life.


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