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Sunday, May 16, 2004

NJ Exploring

This weekend was damned good...

Friday, went to GSP with Mike/Igor/other people...was fun as shit there for some reason, even though usually it's full of people and empty of entertainment. Then, Powers and Igor slept at my house, as my brother left the next morning with his friend, to Ohio for a week. (Awesome, but I wonder what he thought of Powers sleeping next to us...) Saturday I went to work, which is where I realized, "Gee, this cold isn't fucking around," so I decided not to go to Bryan's birthday dinner, thinking I would just go home and rest.

How fucking wrong was I.

We call Allan, in hopes of going to Clinton Road, and we meet him at the PHS parking lot where Igor does a lot of backwards "snake" driving with Mike and me in the car, vs. Joe Galang, Allan, and PJ. We decided to go to this Essex "Abandoned Asylum." (Although I'm not sure if that's exactly where we were, I'll explain...) Surprisingly, we got Powers to join us, although after finally finding the parking lot for the hospital, she wouldn't come in. Somehow she reasoned out that staying in the dark car alone at 11, watching us disappear into illegal territory would be less scary than going with us. The stairs to the 3rd floor open door were scary enough; they were slanted, old, and rickety. Once inside, there wasn't much to see, and we were going to look at other buildings (See, I think we were just in a regular hospital building; the site and what we saw didn't match at all, but oh well.) but then decided to leave 'cause some of the buildings were still in operation, and the risk of getting seen was too high. (Guard dogs were kind of a turn-off to the whole thing, too.) After meeting Jess at the car again (in one piece ) we decided to go the famed "Gates of Hell." On the way back, we dropped her off 'cause she knew she wouldn't want to go, I guess, and I kind of wish I went with her, because...

On the way back to Igor's house, I took our little 'shortcut' through the parking lot of the exterminator's/realtor's lot, forcing Joe to go in front of us. After letting me pass him, we waited at Igor's house to find the way to the Gates. Joe called it quits, and took PJ with him, and Allan hopped in our van with mike driving, and we were off, looking in Clifton for the Gates, which were behind the "Black Prince Distillery." However, Allan found out he needed to be home, and so we dropped him off too. And then there were three...Mike Igor and I saw the Distillery and figured it would be easy as shit to find the GoH. In the thunderstorm. Don't get me wrong, it would have been great atmosphere, but I realized later a sunny day is the best time to find these types of places first. So on foot we twist and turn around the property in the rain looking for this shit for about a fucking hour, as our clothes get soaked and my voice gets worse and worse. After asking natives, they said it wasn't worth going, and that Clinton Road is better (although I have heard mixed things.) We bail out, and I go home, to sleep.

Today, I watched Finding Nemo with Igor and Lauren, then went to Jess' to get DayQuil (thank you!) and Pseudophedrine. Igor and I later decided to really find the Gates, and to our surprise we did; was right next to where we walked, in fact. The whole tunnel system was pretty fucking cool looking, although mostly flooded. We have pictures and will return another day.


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