"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Thursday, May 13, 2004


So tonight and last night, I drove Jocelyn and James Binsfeld Esq. home from B&N. Naturally, being as nervous as I was alone, I was a bit anxious having to drive with people in my car depending on me. However, wasn't too bad...the Focus handles a bit better but I'm getting used to the Minivan now and the highway is easy as shit. It still is kind of weird for me, you know, having people leave the car on that side, and saying "Thanks, Marc..." For so long it's been the other way around. Driving alone is OK; I like it just because nobody can comment/look at my driving skill, except for other motorists, and I'm already a dick to them anyway. Summing it up, I think I'm over the driving fear crap. Not really over parents being annoying in the car, though.

School isn't going to be so bad this marking period, I think. I may have fucked us over a bit on this Psychology II shit, but it's showing Christine and I what Sylva really cares about...Probably gonna drop AP off my next year. (edit: chuck says he's down for it, so i'm staying.)

I'm alone friday night to sunday afternoon. gonna be a fun weekend, i say. minivan + garage sales + sleepovers + bass playing + no parents = good.

Happy posts aren't as interesting to read, so, uh.

Guys, I have a terminal illness. Goodnight.


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