"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


I wake up, and I recall that Chuck can't drive me, and so the only way in is Mom, and she hates being I'm like fuck it, whatever...but the I think, this is stupid, it's an easy Day 1, why miss today, etc. So I take my shit and go into school. Period 2 of chemistry is nice, right when i burn my thumb and forefinger with a hot test tube (was sort of my fault, ok, it was my fault, but i didn't go to grab it or anything while it was on top of the burner) so the nurse helped me soothe/heal that shit, although I'm typing with a big stupid bandage on my thumb. At lunch I asked the Indian snack lady if I could exchange my half-drank iced-tea for 50 cents. She told me to go home and see if I could talk to my own mother like that. I swear, if you can't even think up a good comeback, learn English so you know what I'm asking. Stats was hilarious because I got a 20 on that quiz. A fucking 20. Mike got 30, we couldn't stop laughing.

Report Cards came today. Turns out I failed Spanish. I almost laughed it was so absurd that I let it get so bad. "Yeah, well, your mother failed at staying alive. ::spite, spite, spite::" (I'm horrible, I know.) I was thinking of how to hide the report card and at the same time not have to worry about them asking me where it is when they realize it's been too long for no card to have I burn the motherfucker. However, when I was with Dr. Sperling (FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MIGHT BE CURIOUS, I SEE A HEAD DOCTOR, WINK WINK) my Dad said he actually didn't mind not seeing the report card. (I have yet to tell my dad I burned it, but he probably knows.) Sperling and I talked, and after talking to him, I usually feel pretty confident. So with that new confidence, I promptly came home and played TyperShark. You listen to me. I'm great at that game. You could send real sharks at me, in real life, and provided a keyboard, I would type their asses to shit. I mean it.

I'm going to pick up bass soon, hopefully. Upright-string bass (from the school, maybe?), and if I can, an electric 4 string. A lot of variety in this stuff I didn't know about.


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