"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Friday, March 12, 2004

Modern Art. What is art? Surely a Ukulele is art.

Thus today. The Armory Show. All the Adams crowd went down to New York, leaving the knave Koetzner* and monster Marlin** groups behind. There was glory galore, glory for all to be had. Much fun was to be had, especially the lateness of the bus which forced us to turn to our own means of entertainment (only so much modern art can be seen before life looks like a video game [or just as one big piece of modernist art]) to survive. Pantano's Ukulele came in handy, and hand in hand with self-delusion and self-distortion that turned us into singer/songwriters and street performers. One nod to all the people I saw there; two for people I've taken pictures of. Two and a half for Diana Fang for both pictures and her birthday. Three for Adams. A million for me for writing this.

Aterwards, Ma and I got de Vries and Powers and we all went down to a resturant with food I liked in a place I dislike with people I won't forget. Then I met the Source of Powers, which is always... re-source-ful.

Today was a good light day, like clouds. Or sunshine. But I hate the sun. Not sunlight, but the Sun.

*Not a bad man, really.
**He may know me a bit now, but I needed consonance.

As for today's batch of pictures? Pretty good actually.


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