"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Sunday, February 01, 2004

So I wake up and I'm really tired, right? (repeating theme) So I go to work. Work drags on like regular for the morning due to the tasks that accompany the Afternoon and Evening Employees Checklist ("Chuck List," as I wrote on the clipboard...which is still there...) and then it's dead in the afternoon beings as I believe the air was too cold for the Ridgewoodese to stick their noses up in. So basically it's dead, and Marc and I pass the time and then it's like six o'clock. And then Sky's there. Now, I knew this was going to happen, but it was still an interesting turn of events. So then we go and I grab this yellow "Watch Your Step" "Floor is Wet" big yellow cone and an Anny Geddes poster with all these dead baby pictures on it (or sleeping but I dunno) that work was going to throw away. So we take the bus after waiting a while to the Fashion Centre, with some of the nations leading performing stores such as Best Buy(s... ahhaha-) and TJ Max and whatever. So we're in the Fashion Centre, Marc D, Sky, and me, and we hide my cone so we can go and eat at a nearby diner. (Somehow we got sidetracked and wound up on the roof and nobody wanted to have cart races, but whatever.) It was fun to run through the virgin snow and freeze my ankles off and then eat at the aforementioned diner. So then we go to the Park of Paramus (where stores, not trees, grow) and meet Mike there, and hung out for a while, (Also purchased "Total Recall" [the movie that ends with Arnold Schwarzenegger {whom Andy quotes very much of and is a respective germanic fan of} becoming the governor of California] and a rechargeable battery charger and rechargeable batteries to complement such a rechargeable battery charger) and stole a fourth cone as we left. We went back to the Fashion Centre quick(ly) to see if I could get the cone we left there, but the Security Guard didn't seem to take a liking to the idea of letting me enter the Fashion Centre. I'll have to return another time. Then we're off to my house where we played pool in my basement and hung out for another long while. Then we went out megaphoning, only to discover that not many people hang out in Westwood around midnight. Maybe it's because the stores are closed. Then somewhere on the way to Ridgewood we stop at a friend of Sky's house (where she bit me for some reason that she can't justify [as such a thing is practically unjustifiable {I mean I wasn't raping her or calling her some singer or calling her best friend fat in front of her best friend's boyfriend}])(shit that's a lot of nesting) Then on the final way back to my house, we stopped by McDonald's and I got a burger (my like fourth burger in a row) and then back to my house. While we were out, I was worried my parents were going to kill me the moment I walked in...but I don't think they ever realized I was gone. (The next morning I was asked what time I got to sleep, to which I replied 'too late'). And then sleep. So I wake up and I'm really tired, right? Then I go with Andy and his Rotary friends for breakfast and then the Intrepid insanely tired. But it was still a lot of fun. And now I think I'm going back to sleep.


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