"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Thursday, August 05, 2004

A way to pass the time, a time to pass the way today on my younger sister's birthday. Can't go out, I'd feel guilty, I'd be guilty of going out. I need to stay in. At least I thinkyes I do. Ever read a book? I'll die without ever having understood it. Why that title? No one named; There's Bloom and Dedalus but no...
Last night, late night, Conan O'Brien, Myles Ma. Arrogance at its highest point, assisted by brouhahangered me. Recalling problems, hiding in my summerscreen, SPF nothing; end metaphor. Sounds of pipes filled with poisonous flowers burned by plumbers called by prankcallers. No, he's not here right now. Take us too seriously. This is a joke to write, of writing; my thoughts, my thinks, my kinks in the machine. I've given up trying to fix it I guess. I'll just use it as it is I guess. I love the 80's that was?ornot?ithinkitwas. This is not serious, it's only passing the time, like the first sentence says when I read it, and sometimes when I don't read it. No, only when I read it, because Einstein quantumly told me 'twas true. Finished with English, in a final way, now I German do must. Now I'm at the bottom, and the bottom is the end, and the end is accompanied by this:.


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