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Friday, July 16, 2004

Geography: Reloaded

Starter Arm (1:46:50 AM): you know what's really cool
nodachi E D G E (1:46:58 AM): not at all
Starter Arm (1:46:59 AM): you could reverse eurasia and africa
Starter Arm (1:47:06 AM): with north and south america on the map
Starter Arm (1:47:10 AM): and it wouldn't make a difference
Starter Arm (1:47:19 AM): because n/s america is always on the left
Starter Arm (1:47:23 AM): we could change that, make it on the right
Starter Arm (1:47:26 AM): and i think that's awesome
nodachi E D G E (1:47:38 AM): i... don't know what to say
Sorry, I left out Australia. That's just because Australia sucks.


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