"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Saturday, February 14, 2004

I can't tell if today was good or not - sure was interesting, I suppose.

At the end of school, Chuck picked me up with his newly-licensed self; he had parked his mom's turquoise 'cedes in the teacher's lot, which I thought was pretty classy...We headed over to Wendy's where we got some bitch scolded for giving us the wrong sandwiches. We got his mom from her place of work, which was kinda creepy, and I don't like little kids much. We go home, and talk about his driving abilities - see, he can't get insurance + his car back yet until later next week, which is a big gay in the ass, so he can basically only drive his mom's car when his parents are home - and the distance would have to be short, since having no insurance for your car is illegal in Jersey. Oh, and his folks would like him to stick to the real GDL; you know, that weird thing where it's one kid, not past midnight? I would imagine he can wheedle them into letting him violate the law a bit, since we all do it.

Anyway, we got dropped off at the mall like we always used to, and just did some lounging. In the midst of it, all of a sudden I just didn't feel like doing anything anymore, so we started to walk back to my house, where we would go our separate ways. However, after convincing him to scale one of those huge, plowed snow piles, I got back in a better mood listening to our voices bounce off the adjacent buildings. After breaking a bottle in front of a moving car, the security guards followed us on our way to the Mack-Cali center, where we pretended to admire the frozen water...or something. We stopped at MotoPhoto to see what was up with Mike - and I also went into my bank to deposit some money, saw Tai there and shit. Mike, Charles and I then drive into the Westwood area, where we proceed to scream at people. At one point, Mike takes a wrong turn down a dead-end, where I notice a half-melted snow man that resembles...well, a phallus. Not wanting to let our surrounding town neighbors turn into frozen-pornographic heathens, I checked their windows, and ran out to smash the snow-cock. I was seen, apparently, and rushed back into the car. While laughing though, I bashed my head big time on the snow scraper Mike had in his car. I was bleeding just below the hairline, and the cut still looks badass. We headed over to the Lucky-Strike lanes strip mall shit, where we got some pizza, and I bit my tongue really fucking hard, bled again, so that was 2 injuries for me tonight. We megaphucked some loitering kids on the way away from the bowling alley.

Headed back to Chuck's, shot some pool and watched Mall Rats in full, although our intent was to only watch the first half. Andy came back from baby-sitting some kids that wouldn't die/sleep. I'm pretty glad I didn't go home, I guess. Although sobbing over Pat Benetar can also be quite fun.

I don't really listen to Pat Benetar.


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