"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Does the thought of having to go to Montclair or Rutgers depress anyone else besides myself? Or.. WILLIAM PATTERSON?! 'Cause if not, it should. I'm thinking of quitting school...perhaps climb the Michael's corporate ladder. "Are you or anyone you know planning a wedding? If so, Michael's can help you create a wedding as original as you!"

I'll take an order of chili fries(no onions) with that.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

A few questions from a troubled Chicas:

Why is everyone going to Germany? As of right now, four people I know are either there, or planning to go. I don't get it. Are they giving away free song pants or something? Even so, they'd have to be top-quality song pants to attract so many. Harumph.

Don't you love it when you stop thinking about college for ten minutes, and then a college sends you an application? Yeah. Me too.

Why must I look like someone? "You look like Daria." "Hey... are you supposed to be that girl from the Donnas?" "Wow. You look like you're from the 60s." "Holy shit! It's Winnie Cooper!" False. I look like none of them. So shut up.

Why does my brain always get mushy around 6:00 on Saturdays?

Would it helped if I stopped thinking?

I just noticed that the inside of my pants say "you are beautiful." That made me feel special for a little. Then I realized that my pants had to be looking at me to say that, and that their placement on my body would give them an itneresting view. They now reside in the laundry chute.

Why can't I be philisophical like everyone here?

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Tomorrow, I'm leaving on flight to Germany, for those of you who don't know. I don't think it will be any better or worse than the United States, though there will be minor differences, such as a completely different language. I anticipate that it will be fun as hell, and I'm pretty excited about it. All the things that one must worry about when one leaves on a plane to another country have, for the most part, knock on wood, been taken care of, leaving me to eagerly anticipate takeoff.

If I had it my way, we'd stop over in Hong Kong. The airport there is amazing. However, this is not the case, and we are on a direct flight. The flight will be six or seven hours, about the length of a flight to California. The good thing about flying internationally is that the big "safety speech" before takeoff is always given in both English and the language of the country you're flying in. That way I can pay close attention and take notes. That way, when the plane is on fire with no roof or control to speak of, I will be safe because I was properly instructed on the correct manner in which to use my seat belt. Praise Allah.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A Rejected Satire Essay

Paramus High School is a veritable fortress. Surrounded by hills and fences, PHS is nestled at the base of Century Road. Inside, an advanced camera and observation system links its video into administration offices. The school’s dining room is constantly monitored by a devoted team of educators and administrators. The library, possibly the greatest source of knowledge in our school, is defended by yet another dedicated team of professionals and a fearsome theft detection and prevention system. Hall passes and identity cards are carried around at all times, ensuring the halls remain safe and terrorist free. The doors leading to inner courtyards have even been reversed just these last few months to ensure no would-be evildoer can escape into the school’s inner nature refuges. And Paramus High School’s strongest line of defense, our crack security force, instills fear into the heart of any enemy, any evildoer, that would decide to strike against our glorious alma mater.

Armed to the teeth, Paramus High’s glorious security team is as world renowned as the school itself. Constantly vigilant, our devoted defense team proves to be the strongest deterrent against any evildoing, foreign or domestic. I always feel a strong bout of ease and pride when, during my spacing out phase of Mr. Banks’ fifth period Analysis class, I hear the sound of security – a set of keys slowly jingling in step with a marshal’s pace – making its way down the hall. As he teeters side to side in his rounds down the hall, I can see the stars and stripes waving proudly behind him in my mind’s eye. However, the effectiveness of our team goes far, far beyond the visible means of recognition.

When asked for her thoughts on school security, senior Bailey Marcella replies, “What school security?” School security is that invisible. While doing a personal project, I brought my camcorder in to school, upon which some students inquired on legality; whether or not “you can do that in school.” “Of course it can be done in school,” as my typical response goes, “our very school does this to protect us!” Hidden among the lights and sporadic leaks in Paramus High’s ceilings, tiny black domes placed strategically around the premises are linked into the administrative offices – ensuring quick responses during any unforeseen situations – with hilarious side benefits. Lina Guantez, beloved administrator and popular morning announcement personality, is one administrator with access to such cameras. Sure, while terrorists moving within our school could be tracked and such rooms could become emergency intelligence centers, that occasional nose-picker standing alone in the commons at 4:15 can always bring a laugh to our esteemed protectors. The rowdy Tuesday-Night tutors are also kept in check.

While some may argue that school security needn’t reflect such a strong presence or, be present at all, many don’t realize that we live in a different world since the September 11th terror attacks. A new security presence is needed in these desperate times, one that may even have to infringe a bit on our civil rights. But for the small loss of privacy we lose to cameras and having to carry around passes to places we go, and the threat of a “Spartan Alert” always looming, PHS is safe and secure. Not to mention the chain link fences with barbed wire, and the turret posts on each side of the building. Or the land-mined laced baseball fields.

But on top of it all, it’s the members of the devoted Paramus High School Security Team who are always ready, strategically moving around the school – ready to block the path of any unauthorized adult, such as school bus drivers for field trips, or, God forbid, students without a pass, from wandering our sacred halls. No evildoer could even come close to their resource, cunning, and sheer mass.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Another year has passed us by, and the summer approaches. I don't want summer. I need summer. Summer is my reminder that solitude is really quite nice. I need to not have to wake up on a cold morning with a group of freshman I neither know or like then go to school with a group of people, the majority of whom I either don't know or dislike. I need to have the option to dedicate entire days to me, and me alone. I need the knowledge that for the next two months, no one can judge me unless I want for them to. I need time to read any book I want. I need to be able to wear the same clothes for two or three or four days in a row without anyone saying anything. I need it to be so hot that I just walk around the house in my underwear. I need to look under the covers and get freaked out by the discovery that my underwear glows in the dark.

I need summer.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Here's a little poem I wrote, yo, yo, check it out:

You've got me stayin' up late
Makin' it impossible for me to concentrate
And every night just before I fall asleep
I forget on my neighbor's daughter to peep

And I'm practically fallin' asleep drivin'
Don't know how in one piece I'm arrivin'
Trucks is honkin' and shit as I think of your face
But figure you'll just prob'ly spray me with mace

So here I lay my heart down and tell you how I feel
And I think from your punches I'll reeeeel

You have such cute little calfs
You make my dick piss butter laughs

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Creation is separation. Mr. Adams says a lot of interesting things, but that was one of my favorites. Creation is is the process of making something new by setting it apart from the things around it. It goes with conservation of matter. But that's implying that there were already "things" there to begin with. What created those? God separated light from dark, but where did they come from? Is the answer even important? Why are we so interested in the origin of things? The answer would have little impact on our lives. We would continue to live just as we do. It hardly matters what came before. Perhaps that's why humans have never figured out why exactly they are here. It's not important. We are here, and we should focus on what to do with that.

Mr. Jones, though he is a good man, is not the best history teacher I have ever had. He has his moments, and he has the right idea. But he is too idealistic in his methods. I'm sure that if he sticks around he'll get better. However, his philosophy class was among the best classes I have ever taken. It was his first year teaching, and we were his first philosophy class. He had never taught, and I had never before seriously considered some of the questions he asked. I left that class almost every morning thinking deep thoughts. This year I experience the same thing in Mr. Adams' class, another one of my favorites, and for that I am glad.

Philosophy remains among my favorites despite my having been one of only two sophomores in the class, the other having been Tai, who I consider an arrogant asshole. And not like Charles, who knows he's arrogant and seems, for some reason, like less of a snob because of it, or Marc, who despite his being an asshole is still a good man. He's a douschebag. It pains me that I must spend a year with him in AP English. I guess I just have to put up with it. Such is life.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Although I haven't written in here for ages, I feel I owe it to Charles to write about our experience at prom.

Right. So, I guess I was a pretty crappy date since I only spoke to my date for five minutes(at max) the entire night.. my mistake. Hm. There's not much to write about. Not much to write about at all. For the most part, prom was pretty good. I saw Charles on the dance floor trying to blend in and that was kind of cute. I was actually really disappointed by the food that they served. Why the shit did they put cranberries in the salads...and around the steak...and with the ice cream? I just wasn't feeling it.
Prom weekend was a total mess................. rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain.
I need to go catch the season premiere of Degrassi(The New Generation)now. I love Canadia!