"If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Myles, that is exactly how I am - except way worse than however you fucked up.

In other news, a website everyone should read:'s library (Here's the link for those of you that don't want to sneak past the icky homepage's images - basically just a nice compilation of things you never knew - or didn't want to know, told almost straight - with a bit of a sardonic tone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I am one of those people who tries to create a routine and stick to it. It helps me become organized. It's one of those things people do at the beginning of a new school year. "This year, I will accomplish so on and so forth." People like me, by this time of year, have fallen apart. The first semester or so I get good grades, and then I start slipping. The binders I kept so neat for the entire year grow littered with loose papers, the covers begin falling off my books, my three-hole puncher chips. The year goes on, and my motivation to work, and thus improve myself, falters. I start to write new rules into the routine. "Well, I was sick that day," "Well, if it's after this time, I'll just put it off until lunch." This goes on until the routine is gone. People like me often promise to start new routines, but at a later time, which is essentially just another rationalization for the fact that they should already be doing those things. That being said, I'm going back to the routine again... Wednesday.

Monday, February 23, 2004

sometimes you get those "awshit" moments

my life is a collection of "awshit" moments

Friday, February 20, 2004

Iron on letters. Easy to use. Right? All you have to do... arrange them, cover with something, and iron. 1. 2. 3. Done. Wrong. Iron on letters are the devil incarnate. They stick to stuff they're not supposed to. They only supply one 'R' in each package, so I have to resort to a 'P' and a butchered 'W' to fix it. Feh. Feh at the whole business. At least I kinda have my shirt, now.

Being the only girl here, I feel obligated to guy-bash. *ahem* Guys? Yea? They suck. Thank you.

Remember the Neverending Story? I bought it. And I'm going to watch it nonstop until I figure out whether they were trying to do a bad dubbing job, or not. [Another girl note: Atreyu is godlike, and he has nicer hair than I do. But he's fantastical.]

Because I'm a horrible person... go here.

I need to find deeper stuff to write about.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Myself, Myles, and Mehrdad reenacted our famous* Chemistry Project walk. The part of Mehrdad was replaced by Andy, due to Mehrdad's sex and rock and roll crammed schedule. This also gave Myles and I a good pretense for sharing our memories aloud in the form of a tour. Basically we traveled from the Public Library (Ministry of Knowledge) on to the Bergen Mall, and then down around and behind the Toys R Us and across the overpass, passing behind Staples and back to McDonald's. The music wasn't as good as last time, and there were too many whiny children. The store was summarily cleansed and we proceeded to discuss our memories of the epic day we shared together with the pursuit of knowledge... ending with the final cataclysmic decision to show our Chemistry class Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi.

*referenced previously in another post/comic.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Well, tommorrow (hopefully), Mr. Ack and I shall embark upon an epic journey. It will test our endurance, our strength, and our will to resist the cold. The story behind this journey is epic, and is told in the scriptures of Hero Sandwiches, chapter two. But that is only part of the true story. In the beginning, there were three wanderers: Me, Chuck, and MDad. But apparantly, Mdad is too cool to go on a little walk, so we need new third wanderer to fill in for him. It'll make things more accurate, and it will probably make for better conversation. Basically, we went on this crazy long walk for trivial reasons last year, and we wish to reenact those events. Hopefully, it'll be fun, not too cold, and not too tiring. We all need a long walk sometimes.

forgot my chem book

Saturday, February 14, 2004

I can't tell if today was good or not - sure was interesting, I suppose.

At the end of school, Chuck picked me up with his newly-licensed self; he had parked his mom's turquoise 'cedes in the teacher's lot, which I thought was pretty classy...We headed over to Wendy's where we got some bitch scolded for giving us the wrong sandwiches. We got his mom from her place of work, which was kinda creepy, and I don't like little kids much. We go home, and talk about his driving abilities - see, he can't get insurance + his car back yet until later next week, which is a big gay in the ass, so he can basically only drive his mom's car when his parents are home - and the distance would have to be short, since having no insurance for your car is illegal in Jersey. Oh, and his folks would like him to stick to the real GDL; you know, that weird thing where it's one kid, not past midnight? I would imagine he can wheedle them into letting him violate the law a bit, since we all do it.

Anyway, we got dropped off at the mall like we always used to, and just did some lounging. In the midst of it, all of a sudden I just didn't feel like doing anything anymore, so we started to walk back to my house, where we would go our separate ways. However, after convincing him to scale one of those huge, plowed snow piles, I got back in a better mood listening to our voices bounce off the adjacent buildings. After breaking a bottle in front of a moving car, the security guards followed us on our way to the Mack-Cali center, where we pretended to admire the frozen water...or something. We stopped at MotoPhoto to see what was up with Mike - and I also went into my bank to deposit some money, saw Tai there and shit. Mike, Charles and I then drive into the Westwood area, where we proceed to scream at people. At one point, Mike takes a wrong turn down a dead-end, where I notice a half-melted snow man that resembles...well, a phallus. Not wanting to let our surrounding town neighbors turn into frozen-pornographic heathens, I checked their windows, and ran out to smash the snow-cock. I was seen, apparently, and rushed back into the car. While laughing though, I bashed my head big time on the snow scraper Mike had in his car. I was bleeding just below the hairline, and the cut still looks badass. We headed over to the Lucky-Strike lanes strip mall shit, where we got some pizza, and I bit my tongue really fucking hard, bled again, so that was 2 injuries for me tonight. We megaphucked some loitering kids on the way away from the bowling alley.

Headed back to Chuck's, shot some pool and watched Mall Rats in full, although our intent was to only watch the first half. Andy came back from baby-sitting some kids that wouldn't die/sleep. I'm pretty glad I didn't go home, I guess. Although sobbing over Pat Benetar can also be quite fun.

I don't really listen to Pat Benetar.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Let the roads tremble before me, for I have my license. Minivans Beware.

Monday, February 09, 2004

This morning. I was tripping on acid. Without Igor-fumes. Trig makes my brain melt.

Why, after computers in art, does it always feel like nothing is real? Maybe staring at the screen for an hour frazzles my corneas or something, but walking down the hallway turns into a video game of avoiding people, and trying not to trip and fall and die. It takes me forever to snap out of it.

Wow. For apparently being smarter than the average bear, I can really sound like a pothead sometimes.
Okay, I'm in. I hope they'll let me be cool now. I guess I should write about my day like everyone else. Today was perfectly normal. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened. I had a math test. I think I did well, but it doesn't matter what I think, and I highly doubt anyone at all cares. Over the weekend I made a xanga. It's pretty gay. I'm quite proud. There was one funny thing today; at lunch me, Ackerman, DeVries, and Garcia went around telling strangers that we'd suck their dicks. Well, I thought it was pretty funny. My afternoon periods are a lot better than my morning periods. I dont' know if that's related to them being in the morning or not. I don't know if I care at this point. The year is half over. In two years I'll be saying the same thing to myself, but I'll be paying for school and I'll be happy that I've survived that long. AP Macroeconomics is cool because DeLuca is the man, and we have a cool class. Nobody cares though. That was pretty boring, but I just wanted to get a post up right away.

i'll suck your dick

Monday, February 02, 2004

today i drove without being able to see through my windsheild, took a wheelchair to school, got bitten, cut up, written on, ripped off for lunch, yelled at people with a megaphone, had like a million people tell me they heard me yelling with said megaphone, took back my cone from the fashion center, took an sat class, was cheered for, did comp and clit homework, posted a blog and still had time to be bored

Sunday, February 01, 2004

So I wake up and I'm really tired, right? (repeating theme) So I go to work. Work drags on like regular for the morning due to the tasks that accompany the Afternoon and Evening Employees Checklist ("Chuck List," as I wrote on the clipboard...which is still there...) and then it's dead in the afternoon beings as I believe the air was too cold for the Ridgewoodese to stick their noses up in. So basically it's dead, and Marc and I pass the time and then it's like six o'clock. And then Sky's there. Now, I knew this was going to happen, but it was still an interesting turn of events. So then we go and I grab this yellow "Watch Your Step" "Floor is Wet" big yellow cone and an Anny Geddes poster with all these dead baby pictures on it (or sleeping but I dunno) that work was going to throw away. So we take the bus after waiting a while to the Fashion Centre, with some of the nations leading performing stores such as Best Buy(s... ahhaha-) and TJ Max and whatever. So we're in the Fashion Centre, Marc D, Sky, and me, and we hide my cone so we can go and eat at a nearby diner. (Somehow we got sidetracked and wound up on the roof and nobody wanted to have cart races, but whatever.) It was fun to run through the virgin snow and freeze my ankles off and then eat at the aforementioned diner. So then we go to the Park of Paramus (where stores, not trees, grow) and meet Mike there, and hung out for a while, (Also purchased "Total Recall" [the movie that ends with Arnold Schwarzenegger {whom Andy quotes very much of and is a respective germanic fan of} becoming the governor of California] and a rechargeable battery charger and rechargeable batteries to complement such a rechargeable battery charger) and stole a fourth cone as we left. We went back to the Fashion Centre quick(ly) to see if I could get the cone we left there, but the Security Guard didn't seem to take a liking to the idea of letting me enter the Fashion Centre. I'll have to return another time. Then we're off to my house where we played pool in my basement and hung out for another long while. Then we went out megaphoning, only to discover that not many people hang out in Westwood around midnight. Maybe it's because the stores are closed. Then somewhere on the way to Ridgewood we stop at a friend of Sky's house (where she bit me for some reason that she can't justify [as such a thing is practically unjustifiable {I mean I wasn't raping her or calling her some singer or calling her best friend fat in front of her best friend's boyfriend}])(shit that's a lot of nesting) Then on the final way back to my house, we stopped by McDonald's and I got a burger (my like fourth burger in a row) and then back to my house. While we were out, I was worried my parents were going to kill me the moment I walked in...but I don't think they ever realized I was gone. (The next morning I was asked what time I got to sleep, to which I replied 'too late'). And then sleep. So I wake up and I'm really tired, right? Then I go with Andy and his Rotary friends for breakfast and then the Intrepid insanely tired. But it was still a lot of fun. And now I think I'm going back to sleep.